The Founder

The Founder

“Taking a topic & creating a way to present it to diverse minds is an ART, especially on days when you do not feel like doing it at all!”- Netisha Alie-Grant

Netisha Alie-Grant who made a name for herself in teaching as “Ms. Alie,” is an innovative and unique educator! Bent on finding new and creative ways to execute lessons, she is constantly seeking ways to capture students’ attention and draw it to the subject they need to learn. 

As a teacher for over 13 years she has a post Graduate diploma in Secondary Education, a Bachelors of education in Literacy Studies coupled with an associates Degree in Psychology/Sociology: Double major! Ms Alie has an ardor for being a change agent and inspiring others to discover their true talent and excel at it.

Dia Learning academy is just the tip of the ice burg where programs in educating others are concerned for Ms. Alie; as her aim is to truly create IMPACT which will birth a legacy  that will outlive her.