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Welcome to Dia's Proofreading Service

Dia’s Proofreading Service offers Proofreading in the following areas:

  1. College Essays
  2. Business letters/Resume
  3. Articles
  4. Business/Education Plans
  5. Children’s & Adult Books

Submit your English Papers in the areas of Narration, Descriptive, Persuasive and or Exposition for editing at least two days before your deadline.


If you choose our service and time frame, you are sure to:

  1. Submit your assignment/Letter/Article ON TIME!
  2. Proofreading to correct all language errors
  3. Editing for coherence and clarity
  4. Timely delivery, services available (1 to 3 days)
  5. Completely confidential and secure
  6. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation
  7. Provide tips to improve your content!

Try us in two (2) easy steps!

Here’s how:

1. Fill & submit the contact form below.

2. Make Paypal payment.


Price Range:

A. 50-150 words $10

B. 200-500 words $20

c. 550-1000 words $40

Submit and let’s get started!

Please note all  one day requests has an additional $5 CHARGE. Thank you for choosing Dia!

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