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12 October 2021

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Why do I need Knowledge in English Language?

Why do I need Knowledge in English Language?

My brother (a very wise soul) asked me; “Why do I need English?”

Surprised by the question, my first response was-“to communicate…” 

“I can communicate without English…” he responded. 

And though I could go on… that one statement was correct! Thus because I look for the lesson in Everything possible, I decided to take a deeper look at the question and here are a few answers I came up with! 

Why do you need English Language Skills? Here’s at least five reasons 

  1. To be literate: English language teaches you how to read, speak, write, visualize, analyze and understand.-All necessary life skills to navigate life effectively. We need to read and understand even when going through an airport, reading road signs or food labels in a supermarket. A man once innocently bought cat foot for his children. Oops!
  2. To learn Grammar: The set of rules for generating logical communication. Simply put: “I is you than taller”. Versus “I am taller than you.” 
  3. To communicate effectively to a diverse audience of all English speakers. There are various English Dialects but to be widely understood standard English is best. 
  4. To get a job and or successfully manage a business. One of the KEY requirements of ALL job applications is knowledge of Standard English. 
  5. To help your child through school. You as an adult may have gone through life with basic English skills but now that you have a child who is in school, those skills are not enough to assist your child with all the explanations they’ll need, not just in English class but in all other subject areas, even Math. 

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