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13 February 2019

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Teaching Ideas by Dia!

The Dia Idea

Having trouble coming up with creative ideas and activities for your Language Arts Lesson? Ask us for help for just $1.99 per idea!

To teach main idea:

Have one student come up with a main idea and allow others to give details that support it.
Make it into a hands on experience by having the students stand in a line holding name tags 🏷😬👍🏽As shown in the picture! Visit Dia Learning Academy for more tips and ideas 💡.


To teach Decoding:

Have students cut out (in their own style/design) the letters of the alphabet multiple times. Then guide them to build words by connecting the letters to form words, syllables to form words and or smaller words to for words.

They’ll enjoy putting pieces together like a puzzle while learning the secret behind building and decoding words.

This can also work for sentences and paragraphs…

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