How to help boys to read!

Let’s face it, studies show that more girls read for pleasure than boys. They (boys) would probably prefer to play video games or outside than read a book.

On the contrary, there are boys who would choose a book instead. Nevertheless whether they choose it wholeheartedly or we try to force it on them, the truth is reading isn’t only done through a book.


The key is to have boys reading as many words as possible that will build their vocabulary. Here are a few tips to have your boys reading!


One: Modeling At the top of the list is Modeling reading. Children hardly act based on what they are told to do but they will mimic what they see. Hence letting your child see you read and actually enjoy it is a great way to encourage reading.


Two: What’s does it say?
Learning is all about approach. Have your boy feel like he is solving a puzzle or advancing to the next level in a game by telling you what the labels on the grocery items say both at home or in the store. Ask him what billboards say on the drive to and from school.

Ask him to try spelling the names of his favourite cartoons as he types them into Netflix or YouTube search bars. Almost anything with a word it something worth reading.


Three: What words can you find?
Instead of forcing your boy to read a story, give him the book and tell him to look for all the words he does not know and make a note of them. Based on his age and understanding level a list of 5 to 10 words will be suitable.

Then help your child go through these words using repetition.

See video for example;




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