About Us

About Us

Dia Learning Academy has been present for over 3 years in the market. We make the most of all our students.

Dia Learning Academy is the first and leading online educational services portal in the Caribbean and beyond.

Dia offers notable educational services as it’s visionary aims to revolutionize the delivery of education to students.

Dia initially created for live online tutoring has now revamp to provide English Course, Counseling/consultation to parents, teachers and students and it’s latest addition: Dia’s Writing & Editing service. What can Dia do for YOU today?

At Dia, students are delightfully engaged with their surroundings. They use their senses to discover the space by touching the soil/sand, smelling the plants, listening to the birds, and observing life and living creatures.


When I moved to Antigua and Barbuda with my sister, I could not speak or understand the English language. In a short time I started working by a local furniture company, but I wasn’t happy at all because I couldn’t talk to the people at work or attend to anyone.

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It all begun when I had to move from Amman-Jordan to Antigua and Barbuda with my family for work reasons. When I first moved here I could not speak the English language at all, so my parents had to hire an English tutor (Miss Alie). She was one of the best teachers that taught me in my life.

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Our Services

What We Offer


Complete any of our Mini Courses and improve your English skills in Writing and Grammar! All in the comfort of your own home!



Welcome to Dia’s Editing Service. Submit your English Essays/Papers in the areas of Narration, Descriptive, Persuasive and or Exposition for editing.



The mind is a powerful tool and a terrible one to waste. Schedule an appointment and let us help you get your life balanced and back on track.